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Why Do You Need Electromagnetic Protection?

We have always been surrounded by background frequencies and magnetic fields coming from the Earth and Sun, and from outer space. Over millennia, we have evolved alongside these natural phenomena. By our very nature, we are dependent on these cosmic forces as an integral part of our make up as well as survival.

In today’s world we are also surrounded by an ever increasing amount of man-made electromagnetic frequencies emitted from cell phones and Wi-Fi (wireless) Internet, and from an ever increasing number of transmitters being placed on masts, towers, schools, health centers, retirement homes, tall buildings, and even disguised as trees. In fact, every person, place and thing seems to be turning to this wireless technology. And soon, it is said, practically all of our electronic household appliances will have their own IP address, so that they can be operated remotely over the Internet, using wireless technology. In other words, you will soon be able to turn on your stove via your smartphone, as long as you are in a location where you can get a cell phone signal or a Wi-Fi Internet connection.

It has become increasingly acknowledged that this type of electromagnetic radiation can, does, and will interfere with the delicate nature of our own body’s electrical system as well as do damage to our cells and to our DNA (as numerous researchers have found, in documented scientific studies). In our daily lives we also come into close proximity with computers and televisions, automobile electronics (particularly hybrids and all-electric vehicles), and other forms of mass transit, such as airplane travel, which all emit forms of electromagnetic radiation that can adversely affect us and be detrimental to our health.

It is too late to turn back the clock on this wonderful technology, but we can take affordable steps to help protect ourselves from its accompanying dangers…

Our Electromagnetic Protection Products

We offer a selection of affordable and effective products, hand-made in the USA, to help give you protection against the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiation from simple personal protection to whole building clearing, including protection from detrimental geopathic stress coming from the ground, and from other sources of negative energy.

These products have been successfully used around the world over thirty years; in fact, they were the first of their kind on the market, they do not require batteries, do not need to be plugged into the wall, and they will never wear out! As wireless technology has evolved, so have our products, to keep up with the ever changing world of electronic devices, with their accompanying sea of electromagnetic pollution.

Our electromagnetic protection products do not block electromagnetic radiation. Rather, due to the unique and proprietary ceramic material from which they are made, they absorb, and then rebroadcast it out in a beneficial form. In other words, these products are able to neutralize the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiation. And while we cannot claim that our products will make you 100% safe from electromagnetic radiation, no other product of this type can either, but we can help you to at least mitigate some of the harmful effects of this insidious side-effect of today’s brilliant technologies, at an extremely affordable cost.

What you need to know about our products

Although we strongly believe in these products and their efficacy, and we have had happy testimonials and strong results from our customers over the years, we are also common sense minded people who happen to believe in the precautionary principle. We have spent many hours in research, and in the pursuit of knowledge on the subject of the dangers of electromagnetic pollution. It is a subject that, like it or not, touches every one of us.

We believe, as do numerous scientific experts, that we are in the midst of an experiment that is already showing evidence of adverse health consequences, with the potential to become an extremely serious world wide health problem. This claim is backed up by the accumulated data from hundreds of documented scientific studies.

Unless you stay completely away from modern technology, such as cell phones, computers, and Wi-Fi, to name just a few, or go to great lengths to block the man-made electromagnetic radiation that it produces from reaching you, it is literally impossible to escape it. Whatever you do and however you live, you will be affected by it, whether you, yourself, feel it or not. Again, scientific studies have shown this to be true.

Although we believe the unique Crystal Catalyst® material our products are made from may demonstrate a weak, protective, compensatory field that can help protect against emf, and we further believe, as our product literature states, that this unique material also is a catalyst that alters the harmful nature of electromagnetic fields, we cannot scientifically demonstrate this; it can be demonstrated, however, by the use of alternative modalities, such as kinesiology, dowsing and Kirlian photography, etc., as shown on our Testing and Research page.

With that said, in our modern world circumstances, that even when using our products we still believe in a conservative approach to the use of cell phones, Wi-Fi and computers, until such a time when technologies that have proven to be safe become available and are in widespread use.

In the meantime, therefore, the use of our products, while highly recommended, is not intended to provide a false sense of security; rather, they should be used as a precautionary measure, and to also provide relief to an increasing number of individuals who are electro-sensitive*. We are, unfortunately (and it is the same with our competitors), unable to make any medical claims that our products will prevent illness associated with exposure to electromagnetic fields. We do, however, strongly stand in the belief that the use of our products do, in actuality, strengthen the individual’s energy field.

The Official Line….

It’s important to know that, officially, there is currently no scientifically proven method available, except perhaps for some expensive shielding products, to avoid emfs completely, nor FDA approved product, device, and as far as we know, medication, that will protect you from the dangers of electromagnetic radiation.

So you decide….

From what you have read on our website, hopefully you have come to the conclusion that our products have the ability to alter the harmful nature of man-made electromagnetic radiation, can help those who are already electro-sensitive*, and can provide the best emf protection currently available, for you and your family.

Alternatively, you could, of course, go to the great expense and impracticality of completely shielding your entire household, automobile, workplace, shopping mall, cinema, gym, dog walking route, and/or local coffee shop from electromagnetic frequencies, or move to a remote area and completely disconnect yourself from the modern world! (And although there actually are “emf free zones” in Europe, established purposefully for highly sensitive individuals, we wish you good luck with the minimalist life this sort of existence implies.) And in certain circumstances, we would agree that an individual might be better off if they actually did make a change of residence, especially where electromagnetic pollution is dense, and the person is already an electro-sensitive* person. However, for most people, this is not a practical reality.

We think we have a better choice; providing you with the best of both worlds by instead of blocking electromagnetic radiation, which, as mentioned above would be expensive and impractical, offering products that alter the nature of electromagnetic radiation to a beneficial form, whilst still leaving it available to keep you connected to the modern world! 

Don’t be fooled by other over-priced, multi-level marketed electromagnetic protection products, and the confusing, pseudo-scientific language they use to convince you that their products work!

Buyer beware!

There are many companies who use confusing and pseudo-scientific language to try and explain how their products work, and some, although they state they are USA based, have websites that contain badly written English, and show images of their products being used on outdated electronics…..hmmmm!?

We describe our products as being made from a “unique silicon-based, advanced Crystal Catalyst® dielectric ceramic material” that is able to alter the nature of electromagnetic radiation. A mouthful, we know, but at least all these words are in the English dictionary. We are based in the USA and our products are made in the USA.

As we mention above, due to the nature of how these products work, we currently cannot offer you a complete scientific explanation, but neither can anyone else, so if you see one, beware!

There are other types of products, often much more expensive, that plug into the wall, but think about it, why would you want to use a device that claims to provide protection against electromagnetic radiation that, due to the fact that it plugs into the wall, creates more electromagnetic radiation?

We have many products on this website that will achieve the same or better results as those claimed by others, and often at a considerably lower cost. They do not use external power, and they can be used anywhere. Just read our customer testimonials.

Furthermore, the products we sell were the first on the market, are hand-made in the USA by Americans, and proven to work, with over twenty-five years of successful use!

They are in demand all over the world, and have been sold primarily by word of mouth, without multi-level marketing (MLM) with its necessary mark-ups, or with any slick corporate marketing!

Much of our business comes from our customers referring their friends, family members, and work colleagues, without the incentive of a referral commission. People don’t generally recommend products to their friends and family if the products have not worked for them. The testimonials we have received over the years speak for themselves.

The products we sell will never wear out, they just keep on working, and will never need to be replaced (unless, of course, you break or lose them!).

All of the electromagnetic protection products on our website carry a 30-day money back guarantee!

*A very few people, who have described themselves as being ultra-sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, have reported to us they experience a feeling of discomfort when using some of our products, in particular those products that are worn close to the body, such as the Personal Protective Bead. Others, who also happen to live in very unusual places or areas of high energy, such as Sedona, AZ, for example, have also experienced discomfort when using our products. We believe this may be because the subtle energies emitted by the Crystal Catalyst® material, along with the beneficially altered electromagnetic radiation, in combination with other (at times, highly unusual) energies that may be present in certain locations, as mentioned above, may just prove to be too much for some very sensitive individuals. Nevertheless, through the years, we have had many ultra-sensitive people successfully use our products and receive great relief from them. If you happen to be one of those people who are ultra-sensitive and are concerned about this, you are still welcome and even encouraged to try our products under our 30-day money back guarantee.

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