How to reduce exposure to electromagnetic radiation

How to reduce exposure to electromagnetic radiationWouldn’t it be nice to be able to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation? As you have probably realized by now, we are all swimming in a sea of electromagnetic radiation like never before. Most people don’t feel it, but some do, to varying degrees, and for a growing number of people it can be debilitating.

Wi-Fi and cell phones signals are the most common types of electromagnetic radiation we face today, and science continues to show us they are harmful, whether we feel them or not, and whether we believe it to be true or not.

The level of exposure we are experiencing in today’s world is not going to get better anytime soon, in fact, it will only get worse, and probably far worse. You may have heard in the news, lately, that the newest iPhones do not have a headphone jack. This is just one example of the introduction of an increasing level of wireless connectivity, and in this case, the plan is, of course, to sell us an expensive pair of wireless headphones, and (of course) most of us will buy and use them because of the convenience. Furthermore, we haven’t even gotten to the Internet of Things yet, where all the things you currently control manually in your home, like your stove, refrigerator, TV, lighting, a/c, and heating, as well as home security, will be controlled wirelessly from (you guessed it!) your iPhone, or similar mobile device.

Using Electromagnetic Shielding

It has become obvious to us, as promoters of electromagnetic protection products, that, in certain circumstances, and where it is practical (as well as affordable), some electromagnetic shielding products can be used in conjunction with the Crystal Catalyst electromagnetic protection products we offer on this website.

Our Crystal Catalyst products alter the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiation, they do not shield us from emf or the microwave frequencies emitted by smartphones and Wi-Fi routers, etc. As many of the owner/users of our products will attest, they work very well and can be used in many different situations where shielding is not always possible or practical. With an increasing list of electromagnetic radiation sources, coupled with ever more powerful Wi-Fi and cell phone networks, we think it more than a good idea, where possible, to also reduce the electromagnetic radiation “load” we are all facing, by additionally using electromagnetic shielding products as a potentially valuable add-on to our products, thereby further reducing the harm done by any electromagnetic radiation that does reach us.

Of course, in today’s world, it is probably not possible to shield from all sources of electromagnetic radiation, and it is not always prudent to block it completely. If we did, our cell phones wouldn’t work and our laptops and tablets would not be able to connect to the Internet, and we would not be able to stream our favorite TV shows and movies! The thing is, however, many Wi-Fi routers, for example, are way more powerful than they really need to be for most people, and why carry a cell phone around in your pocket that is continuously exposing you (and others) to wireless frequencies, when you can at least partly shield yourself with a protective cell phone case? (Please note, research is showing a reduction in sperm count where men keep their live cell phones in their pants pockets; likewise, breast cancers are now being recorded in women who, for whatever “practical” reasons, are determined to keep their live cell phones in their bras, some of these cancers bearing the distinct shape of the cell phone, itself!

We think that the addition of using shielding to reduce electromagnetic radiation exposure, where possible and practical, is more than a very good idea, it is an idea whose time has come, with a critical importance; this is why we have recently become affiliates for LessEMF, which is one of the largest companies providing various shielding products and materials, as well as a very good selection of emf meters, plus a company known as SafeSleeve providing what we think are the best-shielded cases for smartphones, tablets, and laptops available.

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Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headphones and the best-shielded cases for smartphones, tablets, and laptops we have found.

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All kinds of EMF shielding products, materials, and meters.

Do I need to use an EMF Meter?

Before you begin to implement much of the above advice, it could be a very good idea to obtain a meter to actually measure the emf hotspots around your home. In our experience, this is not an absolute necessity (as, with a minimum of education on the subject, it’s reasonable to assume that certain items in your home will cause problems anyway, and you don’t absolutely need a meter to tell you that). But if you are a real tech enthusiast or someone who suffers from electro-hypersensitivity, or if you are a person who needs to “see it before you will believe it” and/or are someone with a scientific mindset, a meter will go a long way towards making sure you get everything covered, as far as mitigation goes.

There are a dazzling array of meters on the market, with lots of confusing jargon; trying to figure out which meter would suit the needs of someone just wanting to discover the sources of all emfs in (and possibly around) the home, and just how strong they are, can be somewhat daunting. The fact of the matter is, you can spend hundreds of dollars on just one meter, and the problem is, you really need two meters, one to measure low-frequency electromagnetic fields radiating out from electronics, appliances, and household wiring, and a second to measure high frequencies, such as those that broadcast radio frequencies, such as Wi-Fi routers, cell phones, cell towers, computers, tablets, smart meters, etc.

The good news is, we have found a versatile meter that can measure both high and low frequencies; the Cornet Electrosmog Meter, which can also be found at the EMF Safety Store. Just click on the link, go to “EMF Meters” and click on the “Combination Meters” link. You will see it at the top of the page.


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