The Common Sense of Electromagnetic Protection

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Some Do’s and Don’ts About Electromagnetic Protection You May Not Have Thought Of…

There are many who believe that we are part of a grand scientific experiment in this time of wireless communications and advanced technology on the planet. We think so, too! And although the benefits to being “wired in” (even if wirelessly!) and to the many mind bending and tremendous benefits of going wireless (not to mention the stunning technologies that continue to emerge out of this “revolution”),  as with so many things, there is a dark double edge to this particularly brilliant sword, and the jury is still out in many minds, including ours, as to what the outcome to the health of the human race will be, given enough time.

Cell phones in particular have become commonplace, so much so that 5 billion mobile/cell phones are reported registered in the entire world, and rising. That is almost two thirds of the population of the entire planet!!! The World Health Organization itself acknowledges “the electromagnetic fields produced by mobile phones are classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as possibly carcinogenic to humans.” And although industry studies in the United States, and thus, our FDA, continue to deny or downplay this potential danger, studies in other countries often show more of what we believe to be the real truth, that the potential of non-ionizing radiation used for cellular communications (and in specific, of cell phones placed against the head) can and do cause a health hazard. It is our considered opinion that (besides the regular use of one, or a combination of our “electromagnetic smog busters” to be found on this site) there are many common sense measures you can take, to help decrease the amount of exposure to electromagnetic radiation that you receive on a daily basis.

Having read and studied on this subject, we have come to believe the reports that state:  firstly) if you are driving and on a cell phone, not only are you an impaired driver, as if you were drinking alcohol (see the University of Utah 2006 study where U. Utah psychologists showed that “motorists who talk on handheld or hands-free cellular phones are as impaired as drunken drivers”) and,  secondly) whether driving or not, two minutes of cell phone usage while holding the phone to your head causes the blood-brain barrier to come down, leaving the brain open to potential toxins that would otherwise not be allowed into the brain. Many people have assumed that “hands free” sets were the solution for this problem; again, our study of this topic leads us to think that hands free sets do not solve the problem of distracted driving, and the only type of hands-free set for a cordless or cellular phone that is truly effective against the negative effects of EMFs is one that is made of plastic tubing.

We regularly tell people that, in addition to a Cellular Phone Tab on their phone (for general strengthening of their energy field against the obnoxious emissions, which you can muscle test and generally see an immediate result), for the sake of their and their loved ones’ well being, they need to seriously re-consider the amount of time they spend on their cell or mobile phone, and that the common sense solution for at least some of this problem is to begin to use a land line, instead, for a majority of the calls you, or those you care about, make.

Statistics show the incidence of land lines has been in steady decline since the advent of wireless phones, and may be going the way of the dinosaur (we hope not!).  But we feel, if people were more aware that using a land line could be a solution to some of their EMF “issues,” they would not be so hasty in discarding theirs.

Recently, on the television news, a man who had been incarcerated for 28 years was released, never having seen, much less used, a cell phone, nor did he have a clue about text messaging. When introduced to these modern day “conveniences” he said something to the effect of “what do people need these for, why don’t they just talk to one another?!” A humorously wise illustration of a piece of common sense, in our opinion!

The products are great. The energy is great now that I have these products everywhere. Awesome customer service too! Andrew Jacobs.

And here, I will personally editorialize that I find it quite obnoxious when my friends or even business associates call from their cellular phones or devices, because, in a majority of circumstances, the following happens (see if you can relate):

  • I get cut off
  • The reception cuts in and out
  • I cannot hear what is being said
  • There’s distortion in the sound and garbled voices…
  • I miss words, phrases, whole sentences
  • We end up playing “tag” to try to connect
  • And on and on it goes…..

People think they are gaining something by being able to converse on their mobile devices while they are driving in their cars, or otherwise away from home, because they have so little free time to make a call otherwise. I say (pun very much intended!) it’s time for a wake up call – if you have so little time to talk to those who you claim are important to you, perhaps you ought to rethink how you are running your life!  (As you can see, if I had my “druthers,” I would have a world that still used primarily wired communications and that was filled with people who had more time in their lives for “the important things!”)

However, we obviously can’t go back in time, but below are some common sense tips to help you (and your loved ones) avoid undue exposure to EMF (and maybe even slow down and smell the roses in the process!).

In General:

  1. Use your cell phone only in emergencies…
  2. Limit calls on a cellular or cordless phone to less than two minutes; according to an award winning Canadian journalist, research shows that the blood-brain barrier comes down after two minutes of talking on a cellular phone, not something that you want happening on even a part-time basis!
  3. If you don’t still have one, get a landline (corded phone) installed in your home…and use it with its cord, and not with a cordless substitute (a cordless land line is just as bad, if not worse, than a cell phone due to its having to broadcast and receive a signal wirelessly within a closely defined space – your home – and due to the receiving station necessary for it to function and recharge, that is on 24/7)!
  4. Use your corded land line a majority of the time…use any cordless or cellular device as sparingly as you possibly can…
  5. Although we would advise against it, if you are still going to choose to use a cell phone as your primary telephone (as many people currently do), instead of holding the phone to your head, utilize the speaker phone feature whenever possible…
  6. If you are going to carry that cell phone on your body, either 1) power it off or 2) leave it in airplane mode whenever possible. Airplane mode, as defined by Wikipedia, is “a setting available on most cell phones, smart phones and other electronic devices that, when engaged, suspends many of the device’s signal transmitting functions – thereby disabling the device’s capacity to place or receive calls or text messages – while still permitting use of other functions that do not require signal transmission (e.g., games, built in cameras, MP3 players).” You will also save your battery this way because, when in this mode, the device has no connectivity to a mobile network and therefore, no reason to search continuously for reception, so the battery lasts longer.
  7. Whether or not in airplane mode, by all means, place one of our Cellular Phone Tabs on your phone and wear a Personal Protective Bead or Crystal Catalyst Pendant, in particular the Frequency Harmonizer Pendant, if at all possible; cell phones that are live continue to send and receive, scanning for the nearest reception, and when you constantly have one placed on your body, as it searches for reception it is in constant interference with the body’s delicate electrical functions. This can potentially mean a lowered sperm count (as mentioned in the Journal of Andrology where a study showed that “using a cell phone can decrease the quality and quantity of a man’s sperm”) or possible interference with a developing fetus (Dr. Joel Moskowitz, director of the Center for Family and Community Health at U. California, Berkeley, warned: “Children, adolescents, young adults and especially pregnant women should take precaution and avoid keeping the cell phone close to their reproductive organs, in addition to their heads. These are the parts of the body that are highly sensitive to radiation. This is a wake-up call for those who tend to leave cell phones in their front pocket.” So unless you are expecting a call, the common sense here is: Turn It Off!!! (And if you are expecting a call, place the live phone somewhere that is not on, or in, in our opinion, close proximity to yours, or others’, bodies!)
  8. Keep live cell phones out of the hands of children, as much fun as they may be, they are not toys; elementary schools in France banned their use and while some countries stubbornly hang on to letting their kids have the devices, other countries have taken heed of the danger by their own safety recommendations for those under 18 years of age. Childrens’ skulls and brains are still developing, and numerous studies graphically demonstrate EMF/microwave radiation from cell phones reaching much farther into and across a child’s immature brain than an adult’s. (Many experts now fear an onslaught of cell phone related cancers, as children who have become accustomed to using cellular phones grow to adulthood and beyond….)
  9. Hold the cell phone away from your head after dialing and while waiting for your party to answer…

In regards to talking on your cell phone and driving:

  1. In our opinion it may only be a matter of time until talking on hand held (or even hands free) cell phones while driving is banned in all 50 states. All things considered, including the issue of distracted driving, even while using a hands free set, we think this would be a good thing. However, until that time, it is our opinion that it is best to NOT get into a habit of talking on your cell phone while in your car, not only because of the distracted driver issue, but on account of the EMF issue! With that said, we know it is unrealistic to think people will give this up easily……..
  2. Firstly, as regards both driving safety as well as EMFs, if you absolutely must make a phone call, pull over to a safe place and get out of your car to make your call. If you are making a call from the inside of a moving vehicle and are the driver, not only are you a distracted driver, but both your phone and the corresponding cell tower must power up even further in order to connect with each other (due to the interference of the car’s body) which can amplify your exposure greatly whether or not you are the driver… best to make the call while outside of your vehicle, with the least possible interference.
  3. Again, if you must talk while driving your vehicle, place your phone onto speaker phone….if you hold it to your head, not only are you a one-handed, distracted driver, to repeat from above, studies show you are impaired as if you had been drinking.
  4. If you are expecting a call while in your car and must have your cell phone powered on, place the phone as far away from your body as possible…

In regards to EMF in your home and in particular, where you sleep:

  1. Even though you may think of it as your best friend, or even use it for its alarm function, don’t sleep on top of or next to a live cell phone/iPhone/iPad/Blackberry or other mobile device, including a cell or cordless phone charging station…
  2. Likewise, best not to sleep with your computer or laptop powered on in your bedroom, or on the bed beside you…..
  3. Don’t sleep with your head next to your clock radio or other electronic gadget, they all put off electromagnetic fields that it would be best to avoid…
  4. Wherever possible, do not sleep with your head near to an electrical outlet.
  5. If you have wireless Internet, turn off your wireless router when you do not need it. By all means, do not sleep with your router on as it continues to emit microwave signals. If you leave your router on after turning your computer off, it must continually search for a target. We plug ours into a power strip with an on/off switch so that it can be turned off at will…and we have a G-33 Resonator placed on top of ours, to mitigate the emissions.
  6. If your bed backs up to 1) the back of a fridge, 2) an office space with wireless router and/or other electronics, 3) a room or space with heavy electromagnetics in it (such as an elevator shaft or even a water heater), move your bed as far away from that wall as you can…
  7. If your bed is over a water heater, or there are other heavy electromagnetics or electronics below where you sleep, move the bed to another place in the room, if possible…(and to be on the safe side, use one or more of our inexpensive fixes, mentioned on this site). Geopathic stress studies have shown that people often become ill when their sleeping quarters are located over sources of underground water; and a water heater can also emit a strong, disruptive field, so best to be protected.
  8. If there is one or more Smart Meters installed on your dwelling, try to sleep as far from its/their location as possible…from what we can tell, this is a very real and growing threat in many communities, as states and countries continue to roll out their Smart Meter agendas in the coming weeks, months and years. If you do not know yet about Smart Meters and their prospective dangers, get on the Net and do some research, as there is quite a bit of opposition mounting among the populace, in the U.S. and other countries.
  9. Try and keep your head in particular, as far away from any source of EMF as you can…including, if there is no other solution, such as moving your bed, sleeping with your head at the foot of your bed.
  10. Try and maintain a distance of 18 inches from your computer monitor whenever possible, and at least a couple of feet (if not more) from your television set.
  11. If you use a microwave, don’t stand near it while it is heating (this goes for your children, as well). Some microwaves, especially older ones, can and do leak radiation; better to be safe than sorry.

For many of these issues we have inexpensive solutions that you will find in the EMF Protection Guide found on the right of this page, or from the top menu, but the above will start you thinking of simple things you might not have considered, for yourself and/or your loved ones, that can help to minimize your risk of exposure to annoying and potentially harmful EMFs.

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I have been using many of the products for a few months already. During this time I have noticed a positive energy shift in our home – it feels calmer, more relaxed and somehow even ‘quieter’ if that makes sense. Wearing the pendant, I definitely notice being able to work on my computer or iPad longer without feeling symptoms – YAY!! Cherylin, Canada.
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