Wi-Fi – A Dangerous Necessity?

Wi-Fi – A Dangerous Necessity

Wi-Fi – A Great Convenience…

Want to video chat on your laptop or tablet device with a friend on the other side of the planet, and bring up a street view of their location, or how about ordering something online, check to see what your cat is up to at home, or even update information on your website? How about being able to do all of this, and much more, from your favorite armchair, coffee shop, hotel, or even local park?! A few years ago all this sounded like science fiction, but due to the invention of something known as Wi-Fi we can even sit in our back gardens or front yards and surf the World Wide Web, all at great speed!

A Wonderful Invention…

What a wonderful invention, but like so many new inventions that have taken place to make our lives seem easier and more productive, there can sometimes be a downside. The steam engine may have ushered in the industrial revolution, which gave birth to our modern technological world, but as it brought great wealth for some, it also brought poor working conditions and poverty for many. These innovations brought progress over time, but they also polluted our planet along the way, and perhaps were even the inception of climate change in today’s world.

Just What Would We Do Without Wi-Fi?

As you will learn below, Wi-Fi has become not only a necessity but a dangerous one at that. Once here, we learned that most people could or would not do without it. As it is impossible if not impractical to go back to the more environmentally friendly, pre-steam era, we cannot “unconnect” ourselves with our present-day world.

Is Wi-Fi Safe?

Most people mistakenly believe Wi-Fi is safe because it’s just another radio frequency, and we’ve been living safely enough with those for decades. It is true that Wi-Fi is a radio frequency, but unlike the TV and radio frequencies we are accustomed to, Wi-Fi works with a different band of frequencies.

Why Are Some Radio Frequencies More Dangerous To Humans Than Others?

Radio and TV frequencies, and those used by Wi-Fi, and other frequencies such as ultraviolet, visible light, and even deadly x-rays and gamma rays, are all part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The electromagnetic spectrum ranges from ultra-low frequencies of around 0.3 Hz, right up to extremely high frequencies, of up to 300 GHz, with power lines, for example, having a frequency of 50 to 60 Hz, and FM radio, for instance, which operates in the VHF range, usually between 88 and 110 MHz. Analogue TV operates in the 400 – 600 MHz range, Digital TV is in the 600 – 1000MHz range. Cell phones (about which the jury is still currently out as regards their long-term health hazards) operate in the range of 880 to 1900 MHz in the US, and Wi-Fi currently operates mainly in the 2.4 GHz range. Some new Wi-Fi, which is being introduced next year, will operate in the 5 -6 Ghz range.

Why Aren’t Radio And TV Frequencies As Dangerous?

Radio and TV frequencies operate at the lower end of the electromagnetic spectrum and are by their nature less harmful to humans. But the higher up you go, the greater the potential risk. As mentioned, at the very top of the spectrum you get all the dangerous stuff, like x-rays and gamma rays which, as we all know, can be deadly.

What’s Wrong With Wi-Fi?

As mentioned above, Wi-Fi currently works at 2.4 Ghz, or, the same frequency as a microwave oven. Cell phones, another hotly contested topic, on the other hand, were initially designed to work at this same frequency, but this was then changed because it was thought to be too dangerous.

Currently, the frequencies used to communicate wirelessly via cell phones and Wi-Fi, which happen to be the highest in the frequency broadcast range, are, as you can see above, in the medium to high megahertz range for cell phones, and in the low gigahertz range for Wi-Fi. There are one thousand Megas in a Giga! So we have jumped from FM radio at around 100 MHz and TV at between 400 – 1000 MHz, to cell phones at 880 – 1900 MHz (in the US), and WiFi at 2.6 Ghz!!! You see the TV adverts praising these achievements, the increased “connectivity” of this raw power, but…can you see that there just might be something wrong with this picture?

So, the next time you are sat in your favorite coffee shop, airport lounge, library, hotel lobby, or maybe even your own living room, office, or even your favorite park (yes, some communities are going wired in the park!), you may want to remember – you are probably being bathed in dangerous Wi-Fi radiation! Many people nowadays use Wi-Fi in their homes simply because it is really convenient, but the problem is – they are being exposed to it 24/7, even when they are sleeping, unless they turn it off, like we do, when they are not using it.

I’ve Heard That Cell Phones Are Bad Enough, So Is Wi-Fi Even More Dangerous?

Since cell phones must put out more power, one would think that they are more dangerous than Wi-Fi, but they only do it in short bursts. As mentioned above, once your home Wi-Fi router is switched on, it’s emitting this high-frequency microwave radiation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. Everywhere you go these days, especially the places mentioned above, and probably even at your place of work, your body is absorbing this radiation, even though you may not know it or feel it.

Am I Going To Have To Give Wi-Fi Up?

In today’s world, we think you would be hard-pressed to give up Wi-Fi. You would have to become a hermit in a remote place, something that is becoming harder and harder to do. Of course, you can eliminate it in your home and in your place of business (especially if you own your own business), but think about all those messy cables, and the inability to check your email from the comfort of your couch! (My God, what have we come to?!!!)  And what happens when you stay in a hotel or have to wait a few hours in an airport lounge. Wi-Fi is everywhere, so the best you can do is to protect yourself against it as much as you can.

How Do I Protect Myself Against Wi-Fi?

While it is unlikely you will be able to completely eliminate the effects of WiFi from your life, there are some common sense things you can do that will help minimize your exposure.

Switch off your Wi-Fi router at night, and when you are not using it during the day. If you turn off your computer and leave your router on, it (the router) will work even harder to find something to broadcast to, and thus your microwave exposure level goes up.

If you are able, switch off the Wi-Fi on your laptop or desktop, and put your tablet, or other Wi-Fi enabled device into “Airplane Mode” when you do not need to connect to the Internet. You will probably also save on battery life by doing this. And…when you do this, remember to also turn off your router! However, if you turn your router off and leave your computer/s on and Wi-Fi enabled, the computer/s will also attempt to find something to connect to and will, therefore, boost their microwave output.

You can try to avoid coffee shops and hotels, and other public spaces that have Wi-Fi, but we think that it will be increasingly difficult to do so.

Wear some kind of protection, such as a Turquoise Personal Protective Bead, or a Turquoise / Cobalt Bead combination, or a Crystal Catalyst Frequency Harmonizer Pendant. You can find these products on this website under “Wi-Fi Radiation” in the right-hand menu. These products have been specifically designed to neutralize the harmful nature of Wi-Fi radiation, as well as other forms of electromagnetic radiation being emitted by all kinds of wireless, as well as non-wireless electronic devices.

Place a Star 3-Hole Resonator on the lid of your laptop, or onto your tablet or desktop computer. See the “Laptop Radiation” and “Computer Radiation” links in the right-hand menu to learn more.

Place a Star 3-Hole Resonator on your home Wi-Fi router. See the “Laptop Radiation” link in the right-hand menu to learn more.

Place a Cellular Phone Tab on your iPhone or Android smartphone. See the “Cell Phone Radiation” link in the right-hand menu to learn more

All the products listed above are just $15.00 each. We think this is a small price to pay for some peace of mind.

(Please also see the article “The Common Sense of Electromagnetic Protection” for more ideas on how to handle this growing concern.)

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I have been using many of the products for a few months already. During this time I have noticed a positive energy shift in our home – it feels calmer, more relaxed and somehow even ‘quieter’ if that makes sense. Wearing the pendant, I definitely notice being able to work on my computer or iPad longer without feeling symptoms – YAY!! Cherylin, Canada.
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