Cell Tower Radiation

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We offer a choice of two products to protect you and your household from nearby cell tower radiation

Cell phone towers and nearby smart meters (see G-33 Resonator for your own smart meter), and also to some extent, radio towers, and radar installations at airports, are becoming increasingly common. With more and more of us using cell phones instead of landlines, there is an ever-increasing demand for better coverage and clearer calls. Unfortunately, this means more transmitters being placed near to where we live and work, and therefore, we are all, whether we use cell phones or not, being exposed to more and more microwave radiation.

With cash strapped schools and other public entities, such as hospitals and libraries, looking to cover shortfalls in their budgets, and churches and retirement communities looking to boost their revenues, what easier way to bring in that needed extra cash than to rent space to a cellular communications company?

But it’s not just schools, hospitals, churches and retirement communities where you will find cell phones antennas lurking. Nowadays it seems they can be found just about anywhere, especially on the tops of tall office buildings, hills, and alongside main roads and interstates. Some are actually being disguised as trees in your local park would you believe!

Electromagnetic radiation from cell towers, which is in the microwave frequency band, can pose a risk, especially if you happen to live or work within a mile of one. Sure, you should get great reception on your cell phone, but the insidious nature of the unnatural microwave radiation being emitted by them has been found by governments and health institutions around the world to be detrimental to human health. In fact, some lawmakers have banned them from school grounds in some European countries, and in the U.S.A.

Would you want to have a cell phone tower at the bottom of your back yard?

We didn’t think so.

One of our Personal Protective Beads or Pendants will give you general protection from the harmful nature of cell tower radiation, as well as from other sources of electromagnetic radiation, including Wi-Fi, when you are in your home or office and out and about.

But if you have a cell phone tower at the end of your back yard, or within one mile of your home or place of work, you will need some extra protection. Or maybe you live close to an airport, or work in an office building with cell phone antennas on the roof! Do you know if you do? You can click here to find out (for U.S. only). If you do, then why not give yourself, your family, and/or your employees extra protection with one or more of the two products listed below – the Star Tri-Pak Resonator and the Clear Field Plate. Both of these products have been specifically designed to provide protection against the harmful nature of cell tower radiation and radiation from airport and weather station radar, when you are in your home or place of work.

Click here to see if you have any cellphone towers within a mile of your home or place of work (U.S. only).

The two products mentioned on this page partly contain an advanced ceramic material known as Crystal Catalyst. Crystal Catalyst does not block electromagnetic frequencies, but instead works by altering the nature of man-made electromagnetic fields and frequencies before they strike us, thereby helping to mitigate their damaging effects.

Crystal Catalyst also produces a special resonance that helps strengthen the body against electromagnetic radiation and other harmful environmental energies.

The Star Tri-Pak Resonator

The Star Tri-Pak is a strong, directional resonator, effective in neutralizing the harmful nature of (wireless) electromagnetic radiation associated with frequencies generated by cell phone towers, nearby smart meters, radio stations, radio towers and airport and weather forecasting Doppler radar.

The Star Tri-Pak Resonator is triangular in shape. When placed on a window sill, table, in a dresser drawer or on a shelf (it will work even through a wall) with the longest side aimed toward a nearby cell phone tower, smart meter, or radar installation, a Star Tri-Pak provides adequate protection for one level of an average sized home or office. For larger areas, or multiple levels, or where the proximity of a cell tower or radar installation is very close by, more than one Tri-Pak may be called for, or an additional Clear Field Plate (see below) may be required.

One Star Tri-Pak Resonator will give protection from more than one of the above sources of electromagnetic radiation if they are all located in the same general direction. If they are not, then more than one may be required.

The Star Tri-Pak broadcasts a protective field in much the same way as a flashlight projects light from the lens.

Hand-crafted in the U.S.A by a small, family owned and operated business.

Measures four and one-half inches on the longest side.

Never requires replacement.

Does not require batteries or mains power.

Instructions included.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!!
(must be returned, with packaging, in original/new condition)

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The Clear Field Plate

Although the Clear Field Plate is a very effective tool for clearing ground radiation (geopathic stress), from your home, it can also be used to clear the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiation from nearby cell phone towers, as well as from power lines, substations, radar and nearby smart meters.

We would advise, however, that the Clear Field Plate is not a cure-all for clearing the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiation from your home, when used by itself for this purpose, and we would primarily recommend the use of other more specialized tabs and resonators found on this website, such as, in the case of radiation from a nearby cell phone tower, a Star Tri-Pak Resonator (see above), and then adding a Clear Field Plate to help boost protection further, if necessary.

The Clear Field Plate combines the use of an advanced ceramic catalyst, as mentioned above, an energized silicon dish, sacred geometry, and the principles of feng shui.

The Clear Field Plate requires a small amount of light to function, it won’t work in complete darkness. It is best, therefore, to place it in an area that has some light during the day, and at night is illuminated by outside street lights or from a dim nightlight.

For external electromagnetic radiation, such as from nearby cell phone towers, smart meters or power lines, for example, the Clear Field Plate needs to be placed on an interior wall that is opposite to, and facing towards, the source or sources of the unwanted external radiation. It may also be placed on a stand. If using the Clear field Plate to clear electromagnetic radiation only, as opposed to also using it to clear geopathic stress (see below), it is best to place it on a floor level that is centrally located in your home, such as your living area, rather than placing it in the basement or on the top floor.

The Clear Field Plate will also neutralize the harmful nature of most internal sources of electromagnetic radiation, but the use of other resonators and tabs found on this website should also be used for computers and routers, as the Clear Field Plate is not primarily designed for this purpose, as mentioned above. If you are using the Clear Field Plate for just the purpose of neutralizing the harmful nature of internal sources of emf in your dwelling, place it on or near to an outer wall on a centrally located floor (presumably, one that has many or most of your electronics on it), so that an imaginary energy field projected from the Plate covers most of your home.

For geopathic radiation, caused by underground flowing water, rock fissures, piping, etc. the plate can be placed on a stand or hung on a wall, anywhere, on the lowest floor / basement of a building where the harmful nature of the geopathic stress is to be neutralized. By taking care of the geopathic stress on the lowest level of the building, the rest of the dwelling is also cleared.

If used in a bedroom, the Clear Field Plate should be aimed away from the bed, as it may over-energize some people.

Hand-crafted in the U.S.A. by a small, family owned and operated business.

Measures nearly 10 inches across.

Never requires replacement.

Does not require batteries or mains power.

Instructions included.

Not intended for external use.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!!
(must be returned, with packaging, in original/new condition)

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For Added Personal Protection

We always suggest wearing a Personal Protective Bead or a Crystal Catalyst® Frequency Harmonizer Pendant for added safety when near to a cell phone tower, and at all other times.

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