Clear Field Plate

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What is it used for?

Clear Field Plate

Clear Field Plate

The Clear Field Plate is primarily designed to neutralize the harmful nature of the energies in your home caused by geopathic stress (ground radiation) and other harmful natural energies that may be present, such as those from Hartmann and Curry lines. Geopathic stress is caused when Earth’s natural electromagnetic field passes through underground formations such as rock fissures, mineral deposits, fault lines and running water. As a result, certain harmful energies are created that can be detrimental to human health and can disrupt sleep, particularly if you live on top of such energies.

Click here to learn more about this and other products we have that may help with sleeping.

The Clear Field Plate will also help neutralize the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiation coming into your home from outside man-made sources, such as from nearby cellphone towers, power lines, those small electrical grey boxes found around the neighborhood, electrical substations, air conditioning units, radio towers and radar, that are within a mile, and from smart meters on neighboring properties.

For your own smart meter, unless it is located away from your home, we would recommend using a G-333 Resonator.

Clear Field Plate showing back with wall hanger

Clear Field Plate showing back with wall hanger

The Clear Field Plate will also help to neutralize the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiation from your household Wi-Fi, computers, cordless phone base stations, and other electrical appliances that are situated within your home.

The Clear Field Plate requires a small amount of light to function, it won’t work in complete darkness. It is best, therefore, to place it in an area that has some light during the day, and at night is illuminated by outside street lights or from a dim nightlight.

Important note: The Clear Field Plate is not a cure-all for neutralizing the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiation inside your home, whether it is coming in from the outside, or comes from within, when used by itself for this purpose, and we would primarily recommend the use of other more specialized tabs and resonators found on this website and then adding the Clear Field Plate to help boost protection further, if necessary.

Clear Field Plate shown placed on wall

Clear Field Plate shown placed on wall

How is it used?

For Geopathic Stress

Place the Clear Field Plate on a wall or on a stand against the interior of an exterior wall anywhere on the lowest level of your home. It will then neutralize the harmful nature of any geopathic radiation on that level and all levels above.

If you wish to use a Clear Field Plate to help clear both electromagnetic and geopathic radiation then you may wish to place it on the lowest level of your home, instead of in your basement, that has a “line of sight” view of any sources of external electromagnetic radiation, and/or place it on the level where you have most of your home electronics. The Plate does not have to have an “actual” line of sight view, as it will work through walls, etc. If the Clear Field Plate is used in a bedroom it should be faced away from the bed, as it may over energize some people.

For Electromagnetic Radiation

Place the Clear Field Plate on or near to the inside of an external wall (wall hanger provided) on the opposite side of your home to where any external radiation is coming from, so that the plate is facing into the interior of your home and towards the source(s) of electromagnetic radiation. It is best to place the plate on a level of your home where your living area is located and where you have most of your home electronics. The plate will help neutralize the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiation from levels above and below the level on which it is placed, so try to place it on a central level if you are able.

The Clear Field Plate can also be placed on a stand and should face the source of the external radiation, such as that emanating from a cellphone tower, power line or substation transformer, or from internal sources, such as computers, Wi-Fi, etc.

The Clear Field Plate can help give protection from the harmful nature of external sources of electromagnetic radiation that are in a very wide angle field of view from the plate, and to some small extent, will help give protection from sources of electromagnetic radiation coming from behind it. Therefore, it can help to provide protection from a number of different sources of internal and external electromagnetic radiation.

As mentioned, the Clear Field Plate will help to neutralize the harmful nature of most internal sources of electromagnetic radiation in your home, but, spot clearing of computers and Wi-Fi routers, etc. is also recommended for added safety.

Complete instructions on how to use the Clear Field Plate, including a diagram, can be found here.

Clear Field Plate shown on plate holder on shelf

Clear Field Plate shown on plate holder on shelf

The Clear Field Plate does not block geopathic stress or electromagnetic frequencies, but instead works by altering their nature before they strike us, thereby helping to mitigate their damaging effects.

Crystal Catalyst also produces a special resonance that helps strengthen the body against electromagnetic radiation and other harmful environmental energies, such as geopathic stress, and allows the Clear Field Plate to provide a harmonizing effect within the home.

The Clear Field Plate is able to clear a wide angle area of space within your home located in front and to the sides of where it is placed. It will work through walls and ceilings.

Measures nearly 10″ across (255mm)

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Never wears out

Instructions included

Made in the USA

Please call us if you have any questions – Plate will differ slightly from image above due to reflections in the six hexagonal mirrors.


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