Energy Flow and Healing

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After conducting an extensive search of EMF products and reading customer testimonials, I decided to do business with Andrew & Doe—which I later discovered, was THE BEST decision! Marie, NY, USA.

We offer one product that, as well as gives protection from electromagnetic radiation, can also help with energy flow and healing in the body

As mentioned elsewhere on this website, our electromagnetic protection products are either wholly or partly made from a Crystal Catalyst dielectric ceramic material. This material has an unusual molecular alignment and, apart from its ability to alter the nature of harmful electromagnetic radiation, it also produces what many see as a strong orgone (or life energy) field. In fact, this ceramic material can be likened to the crystalline material found in many energy tools, including the various energy pendants and wands that are now on the market that are said to emit “life force” energy, otherwise known as chi, prana, orgone or zero point energy.

As such, a product made from this Crystal Catalyst dielectric ceramic material may also be able to help with energy flow and healing flow in humans, animals and plants.

The Electronic Smog Buster Tab

Electronic Smog Buster Tab

Electronic Smog Buster Tab

The Electronic Smog Buster Tab was one of the very first products to be introduced to the market by the manufacturer/inventors of our electromagnetic protection products. It was originally designed and marketed as a small tab that could be placed onto computers, TVs, corded telephone handsets, and other electronic appliances and devices, more than twenty-five years ago. Since then new products have been added to create a unique range that has kept up with the ever-changing landscape of our electronic world, and have, to a degree, supplanted the Electronic Smog Buster Tab.

The Electronic Smog Buster Tab is still relevant, however, and is recommended for general use, as it will work on most electronic products, and is especially good for corded telephone handsets.

The Electronic Smog Buster Tab can also, therefore, be used in the following applications…

Broken Bones

The Electronic Smog Buster Tab is really good at helping to normalize energy flow in people with pins in their bodies due to a broken bone. This can be true in the case of a simple fracture, or in a more serious injury, especially if there is a metallic structure or frame around the injury/fracture helping to stabilize it. Such a pin or structure can interrupt energy flow, so placing a Tab over the broken bone can help the body to normalize its energy, and thus help the bone to continue to heal. An Electronic Smog Buster Tab can be positioned on the body by using a length of athletic tape.


The Electronic Smog Buster Tab can be placed in a sock to help give relief from the pain associated with gout. The Tab switches the polarity, allowing the uric acid to dissolve, and the associated pain is relieved.

General Pain and Sleeping

An Electronic Smog Buster Tab can be placed under one’s pillow at night, with the blunt (or larger) end pointing towards the heart, to help give relief from general pain and / or help with sleeping.

Energy Flow

Electronic Smog Buster Tabs

Smog Buster Tabs placed on wrists for energy flow

(use athletic tape to adhere)

Place (you can adhere with athletic tape) one Electronic Smog Buster Tab on the left inside of your wrist, and/or another just above your left ankle, with the blunt (or larger) end pointing up the arm, and/or leg. Place a second Electronic Smog Buster Tab on your right inside wrist, and/or just above your right ankle, with the blunt (the larger) end pointing down your arm towards your right hand, and/or towards your right foot.

This will help to increase energy flow in your body and get it going in the right direction. You may want to experiment with the above combination to find out what works best.

Measures approximately one inch across.

Hand-crafted in the U.S.A by a small, family owned and operated business.

Never requires replacement.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!!
(must be returned, with packaging, in original/new condition)

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I have been using many of the products for a few months already. During this time I have noticed a positive energy shift in our home – it feels calmer, more relaxed and somehow even ‘quieter’ if that makes sense. Wearing the pendant, I definitely notice being able to work on my computer or iPad longer without feeling symptoms – YAY!! Cherylin, Canada.
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