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After conducting an extensive search of EMF products and reading customer testimonials, I decided to do business with Andrew & Doe—which I later discovered, was THE BEST decision! Marie, NY, USA.

Please browse through our list of frequently asked questions on electromagnetic protection and the Crystal Catalyst products of Biomagnetic Research. If you cannot find the answer to your question please do not hesitate to contact us.

About This Website

Who Are We?

We are Andrew Wheeler and Doe Kelly. We have been marketing the electromagnetic radiation protection products made by Biomagnetic Research online since 2002; before that, we offered them at conferences and fairs, and also to friends and family. Doe has been sharing these electromagnetic protection radiation products since the early 1990s.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes. For destinations outside of the United States and its territories our shipping charge is just $25.00 per order to Canada, and $34.00 for the rest of the World, irrespective of the size or value of the order.

How much do you charge for shipping within the United States?

For destinations in the United States and its territories shipping is just $7.00 per order, irrespective of the size or value of the order. This includes Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

About The Crystal Catalyst® Material

What are your products made of?

Our products are made from, or contain, a silicon based, advanced ceramic material known as Crystal Catalyst. Its structure and function has some similarity to Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Accumulator. The Crystal Catalyst material is a proprietary formula discovered and developed by Robert McKusick. McKusick discovered that this material enhanced the beneficial energy of gemstones, magnets, and many other materials. It also alters most natural and man-made electromagnetic and environmental energies by smoothing out their oscillating nature, which is harmful to the cells of our body, and thereby transforming these frequencies and energies into a more beneficial form.

How and when was the Crystal Catalyst material discovered?

For over fifty years, Robert McKusick has been working in the fields of dowsing and ceramic engineering. He is noted in the “Who’s Who of American Scientists” as the discoverer of the “Battery Effect” of crystals and gemstones. McKusick discovered and developed the Crystal Catalyst technology back in the early 1980s. He discovered that a blue faience scarab his wife, Charmion, had added to a gemstone necklace, actually doubled the pendant’s effectiveness. He and his wife had previously created the gemstone combination necklace to energetically destroy the flu virus. The unexpected energetic effect of that scarab was the beginning of the Crystal Catalyst material. Robert experimented with combinations of rare earths and firing the material in various energy fields, until a permanently energized material from which various beneficial products could be created, emerged.

What tests have been performed on the Crystal Catalyst material?

The first products manufactured from the Crystal Catalyst material were tested in a variety of ways as far back as 1985. Brain wave testing, energy photography, blood testing, muscle testing, dowsing. These tests are replicable and include muscle testing (kinesiology), which demonstrated that people, whom otherwise would have been weakened, were considerably strengthened in the presence of electromagnetic frequencies/fields, when in the presence of the Crystal Catalyst material. User tests showed that people wearing a Crystal Catalyst Bead had increased strength, felt better, and escaped many seasonal illnesses. Beads were also placed on a number of seriously arthritic goats, dogs, and other animals, who all showed a marked improvement. Other tests included Kirlian photography, taste, ground radiation/geopathic stress tests, and the use of an electroencephalograph to demonstrate the Crystal Catalyst products’ ability to improve mental activity when it had diminished due to electromagnetic radiation. Further information on these tests can be found here.

Are there any other products that use the Crystal Catalyst material?

The Crystal Catalyst material is only produced by Biomagnetic Research. Besides the products of Biomagnetic Research, it is only found in products created by a very few others who source this material through Biomagnetic Research, and utilize it in their own creations.

About The Manufacturer

Who is the manufacturer of your Crystal Catalyst products?

A small family run business, founded by Robert McKusick, known as Biomagnetic Research, Inc. has been manufacturing the Crystal Catalyst electromagnetic protection products since 1983. Biomagnetic Research is located in Globe, Arizona, USA. A photograph of Robert McKusick (3rd from left) and his family can be seen on the bottom right of this web page.

Does Biomagnetic Research, Inc. have their own website, and can I purchase products directly from them?

Biomagnetic Research does not have a website, and they do not retail their products directly to the public.

Can I contact Biomagnetic Research directly to ask them questions about their products?

No. Biomagnetic Research are a very small family business and most of their time is taken up making their Crystal Catalyst electromagnetic protection products. If you have any questions please ask us instead, and if we can’t answer them we will consult with Biomagnetic Research on your behalf.

About The Products


How do the Crystal Catalyst® products compare with other products on the market?

Due to growing awareness of the problems created by ever-increasing levels of electromagnetic radiation, a number of companies have appeared in recent years, selling what are claimed to be electromagnetic protection products. While there is no way that we can give a completely accurate assessment of all the products and companies “out there” that sell these kinds of products (and we do not wish to disparage anyone legitimately involved in attempting to resolve this complex modern-day dilema), we have formed certain opinions from our own research and experience, and the experiences of our customers.

There are a few other companies that have been around for a while (and one in particular, for almost the same amount of time as Biomagnetic Research) that we believe have some validity. This one particular company is the only one that we believe comes close to the effectiveness of the Crystal Catalyst products that we sell. This company markets a viable product, a pendant. However, this pendant is quite expensive, whereas for considerably less one of our beads or pendants will the same thing. In our opinion (often formed by experiences related to us by our customers), some of the other products on the market may work to a certain extent in neutralizing the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiation, and others may not work at all. We have read reports that one popular product, in particular, may be nothing more than a piece of plastic, and with some products, we have been told they have to be replaced every two or three years, as they lose their effectiveness.

By contrast, our products do not wear out or need replacement (unless you break or lose one!) but keep their effectiveness indefinitely. Of all we’ve seen, our products are the least expensive to acquire. And, in addition, we have been selling the Crystal Catalyst products for over two decades, made by a company that has been around for about three, who has primarily (and very successfully, might we add) been working quietly “behind the scenes,” marketing their products mostly by word of mouth.

So you decide!

Why are other electromagnetic protection products more expensive?

Because the companies selling them have to pay for slick looking websites and other sales materials and overheads in order to sell their products, and/or they are multi-level marketing companies having to pay referral commissions to multiple levels of distributors. One company, for example, charges more because they coat their pendants with expensive metals to make them look nice. Our Crystal Catalyst products look nice anyway, they sell by word of mouth, and there are no referral commissions to pay, slick looking websites to maintain, or shiny brochures. We hope you will find this website easy to navigate and informative, not slick and full of pseudo-science and marketing hype, like many of the others.

Biomagnetic Research never had to use slick, corporate marketing. Their focus was, and has always been, to make products that work and are affordable, and it has never been Robert and Charmion McKusick’s intention to develop the Crystal Catalyst technology to become rich, as with so many other companies and individuals.

Can I purchase Crystal Catalyst products anywhere else at a better price?

There are a few other suppliers on the Internet, and they may be found in a few stores dotted around the United States, but as far as we know, nobody sells them at a better price than we do.

I really like these products. Can I buy products wholesale from you to resell to others?

We can offer the Crystal Catalyst products at discount for a minimum order of $250. Please contact us for further details.

Do any of your products require a power supply to make them work?

No, none of the Crystal Catalyst products that we sell require any kind of power supply, such as from batteries or mains power. Some products on the market do require that you plug them into your mains power supply. It does not make sense to us to clear electromagnetic frequencies with a device that, by its own very nature, creates more electromagnetic frequencies.

Do your products ever wear out?

No, with normal use, they never wear out and, therefore, they never need to be replaced. They just keep on working.

Will I feel a difference when I use your products?

That depends on your sensitivity to electromagnetic frequencies. Many people are not overtly sensitive to emf, and therefore, may not feel any noticeable difference. This does not mean that our products are not working. Just because someone is not an “electro-sensitive”, or does not overtly feel electromagnetic radiation, does not mean that the radiation is not causing them harm. It is. An increasing number of people, however, do feel the effects of electromagnetic radiation, and have reported feeling various degrees of relief when using our products. Please see our Customer Comments page.

Does exposure to electromagnetic radiation, such as from cell phones, cause cancer?

In the scientific establishment, there have been conflicting findings as to whether electromagnetic radiation, especially that from cell phones, directly causes cancer, or any other medical condition. We are not medical people, and make no claim to be so; but in our opinion, as well as the opinions of many experts, oxidative stress is a causative factor for cancer. Biological testing in many countries has shown that even limited exposure to these radiations affects the calcium balance in the cells, changes the polarity of the blood, causes breaks in DNA strings, affects the hemoglobin, and causes oxidative stress. In addition, pulsing fields, which are produced by electrical wiring and wireless communications, are very destructive to the normal functioning of the central nervous system, which controls all bodily functions. If you don’t believe that electromagnetic radiation causes biological harm please watch this video.

Can your products help as a preventative to ill health?

Our Crystal Catalyst electromagnetic protection products are not medical devices, nor have they been tested or cleared by the FDA for any purpose, and we cannot make any claims that they will cure or prevent any medical disease or condition. It is known that electromagnetic frequencies, whether harmful or not, do interact with the body. It is, therefore, common sense that if you expose yourself to unnatural and potentially harmful man-made electromagnetic radiation, you could be setting yourself up for health problems, either in the short or long term. Man-made electromagnetic frequencies have become so common, particularly from cell phones, smart phones, wi-fi and wireless communications, over the past ten to fifteen years, that it is nearly impossible to escape from them (or their effects). It only makes sense to do all that you can to alter their harmful nature by the use of our affordable products, to potentially mitigate any harm they may be causing you or your loved ones, including pets. The only real way to not be bathed in this sea of invisible, obnoxious energy, is to opt out of modern society and live in the middle of a desert! (Please read more here for our educated opinion on the common sense of electromagnetic protection, including limiting the amount of time you spend on your cell phone).

Will I be able to measure any difference your products may make (ie: do your products block electromagnetic radiation)?

No, our products do not block electromagnetic radiation and their effects cannot be measured with conventional instrumentation such as a Tri-Meter – please see our “Testing” page. The Crystal Catalyst material from which our products are made alter the nature of electromagnetic radiation to a more beneficial quality or form. Therefore, using a meter to check if our products reduce the levels of electromagnetic radiation from a particular source will, in most cases, not produce a result. No other product, except for those that are clearly designed for this specific purpose and state as such (such as a Faraday Cage, or various emf shielding devices and materials designed to be installed in a room or affixed to a computer screen, etc.), will block electromagnetic radiation. However, if our products did block electromagnetic radiation, they would disrupt the workings of your cell phone or home wireless Internet connection, for example, and you would have trouble using either.

Many other companies offer only one or two products that claim to offer protection from electromagnetic radiation, why do you have so many?

When Biomagnetic Research started out in the early 1980s, they only had one product for electromagnetic protection, the Electronic Smog Buster Tab. Since then, the number of problematic and different sources of electromagnetic radiation have exploded, especially since the advent of wireless technology. One or two products cannot possibly offer complete protection from all these different sources of electromagnetic radiation, not to mention from the sea microwave wireless frequencies from cell phones, Wi-Fi, cell towers, cordless phones and smart meters that we are now all constantly exposed to. Some of our Crystal Catalyst products, however, such as the Personal Protective Bead, the Crystal Catalyst Pendants, the Electronic Smog Buster Tab, and the 3-Hole Resonator, can provide protection for a number of different situations, the 3-Hole Resonator being our most versatile product, the others being more specialized. This means that we can offer a customized selection and combination of products to give you comprehensive protection from the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiation for almost any situation you may find yourself in, at an affordable price. Please see our Getting Started page to learn more.

It all seems so overwhelming! How do I figure out which products I need, or where to start?

You can start protecting yourself from the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiation for as little as $15.00 with a Personal Protective Bead. We do, however, recommend, if you, like most people, have a cell phone, that you also purchase a Cellular Phone Tab for another $15.00 in addition to the Bead (see our guide to the common sense of emf protection). Most people also have a laptop and/or a tablet computer, so another $15.00 for each will buy Star 3-Hole Resonators for these items, and last (but not least) we would recommend spending another $15.00 for an additional Star 3-Hole Resonator for your wi-fi router at home. So, for $60.00 (or thereabouts) plus $6.00 shipping (for U.S. residents), you could be pretty well covered. If you have a cell phone tower outside your home, a smart meter placed against an exterior wall of your home, work in a heavy emf environment, or drive a hybrid vehicle, or are being exposed to some other extraordinary source of electromagnetic radiation, you may need a few of our more specialized products to take care of their harmful nature. And don’t forget, apart from your Personal Protective Bead, all of the other products mentioned above will also give protection from the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiation to other members of your household, friends and work colleagues. Please see our Getting Started page to learn more.

The Electronic Smog Buster Tab

As this tab was developed well over twenty years ago, before the advent of personal computers and cell phones, does it still have any applications?

Actually, the Electronic Smog Buster Tab still has a number of important uses. Firstly, it can still be used as a slightly cheaper alternative to the Regular 3-Hole Resonator and 12-Point Resonator, and therefore, a number can be purchased for general use. It can also be used for corded phone handsets. Electronic Smog Buster Tabs can also be used as an aid to sleeping, and for energy flow in the body.

Please see our Products page to learn more about the Electronic Smog Buster.

The Personal Protective Bead

Can I wear the Personal Protective Bead in the shower or when I am swimming?

Yes, the Crystal Catalyst material from which the Bead is made is not affected by water. However, you will want to take into consideration, when wearing in water, what material the cord or chain is made of, and act accordingly.

Can I wear a Personal Protective Bead on any kind of chain or cord, and can I wear one with other pendants and/or jewelry?

The Personal Protective Bead can be worn on a cord or a metal chain. It doesn’t matter. It can also be worn with other items. In fact, it can make a nice addition to other pieces of jewelry worn around the neck. A word of caution, when combining with other jewelry – be sure to take care that the opening of the bead does not become jammed together with any part of a piece of jewelry you may combine with it, as the ceramic is hard it can break if forced. And remember to make sure the bead is positioned over the thymus area, between your heart and your throat.

Please see our Products page to learn more about the Personal Protective Bead.

The Cellular Phone Tab

Do I need to purchase a new Cellular Phone Tab every time I update my cell phone?

Every Cellular Phone Tab sold comes with a replacement adhesive tab, so you will be OK for at least two cell phones. After that, any strong, double-sided sticky pad will do, if cut to size.

Does the Cellular Phone Tab also work with smart phones?

Yes, it works on the iPhone, Blackberry, and all Android phones, and even on the iPad Mini and other 7″ tablets and e-readers.

Does the Cellular Phone Tab work on an iPad?

The Cellular Phone Tab is too small to be effective on an iPad or any other full size tablet, but would be effective on the smaller 7″ tablets and e-readers, including the iPad Mini. We would suggest for the larger tablets to use a Star 3-Hole Resonator.

Please see our Products page to learn more about the Cellular Phone Tab and Star 3-Hole Resonator.

The 3-Hole Resonators

I see that there are two types of 3-Hole Resonator, Star and Regular, why the difference?

There are two main types of electromagnetic radiation we are concerned with – that which comes from wireless frequencies such as those transmitted by a cell phone or other wireless device, and that which comes from the electromagnetic field generated from electrical circuitry, such as household wiring and power lines, as well as components inside of an electronic device, such as a refrigerator or television. The Star 3-Hole Resonator, for example, can be used for the former, those appliances/devices that transmit wireless frequencies, even though they will also have circuitry; the Regular 3-Hole Resonator should be used for the latter, where electromagnetic fields are solely generated from circuitry, etc.

What if I connect my laptop to the Internet at home via a cable, but use it to connect to the Internet when I am away from home using wi-fi, which 3-Hole Resonator should I use?

The Star 3-Hole Resonator will work with both wireless and non-wireless sources of electromagnetic radiation, so use the Star 3-Hole Resonator in this case.

The products are great. The energy is great now that I have these products everywhere. Awesome customer service too! Andrew Jacobs.

What makes the Regular and Star 3-Hole Resonators different?

They are made from different formulations of the Crystal Catalyst material.

Please see our Products page to learn more about the 3-Hole Resonators.

The 12-Point Resonator

What is the difference between the 12-Point and 3-Hole Resonators?

They each produce a different energy field. The 3-Hole Resonators produce a more conical shaped, focused field, which is aimed downwards through the bottom of the resonators. This is ideal for use on a computer or wi-fi router, for example, both of which produce a more intense electromagnetic field. The 12-Point Resonator creates more of a spherical field, ideal for a TV set or audio equipment.

If I have a number of separate audio components stacked on top of each other, do I need a 12-Point Resonator for each component?

No, just one 12-Point Resonator placed on the top component will suffice. The same applies to DVD and video players, and satellite and cable boxes, etc. if they are stacked on top of each other.

Please see our Products page to learn more about the Pocket Resonator.

The Pocket Resonator

Does it matter which way round I carry the Pocket Resonator in my pocket?

No, it doesn’t matter.

Does the Pocket Resonator have to be carried in my pocket? What other options are there?

Besides being carried in a shirt or pants pocket, the Pocket Resonator can also be placed in a pouch and worn around the neck, or in a fanny pack or sports belt bag. Optimally the Pocket Resonator needs to be carried as close to the body as possible, and within the body’s energy field. At night, however, it will still give some protection when placed on your nightstand.

Please see our Products page to learn more about the 12-Point Resonator.

The G-333 Resonator

Since this is such a powerful resonator, can I just place one in the middle of a room to protect myself from every electronic device in that room?

The G-333 Resonator is not intended as an overall fix for your electromagnetic protection issues in a given space. For this see the Clear Field Plate and Energy Harmonizer (below), although we also recommend using other specialized products on this website, including the G-333 Resonator, for each specific source of electromagnetic radiation when using the Clear Field Plate or Energy Harmonizer. The G-333 Resonator is effective when placed against, or close to, strong sources of electromagnetic radiation, such as a smart meter or the batteries of a hybrid vehicle. The G-333 Resonator needs to be placed directly on the offending source, or as close to it as possible. The G-333 Resonator, ideally, needs to be between the offending source and the person(s) needing protection, with its adhesive side directed towards the obnoxious energy source.

Please see our Products page to learn more about the G-333 Resonator.

The Tri-Pak Resonators

I see that there are two types of Tri-Pak Resonator, Star and Regular, why the difference?

As stated above, there are two main types of electromagnetic radiation (emr), that which emanates from electrical wiring, such as your household wiring or from nearby power lines, and that which is wireless, such as from a nearby cell phone tower or a neighbor’s smart meter or wi-fi router. The Regular Tri-Pak Resonator, for example, can be used for exposure to the first type mentioned above, or “wired” electromagnetic radiation, while the Star 3-Hole Resonator should be used for the latter, or “wireless” electromagnetic radiation.

What if there are both power lines and a cell phone tower outside my home, and I can cover both with one Tri-Pak, which one should I use, the Regular or the Star?

The Star Tri-Pak Resonator will work with both wireless and non-wireless sources of electromagnetic radiation, so use the Star Tri-Pak Resonator in this instance.

I live in a multi-level home, and have a cell phone tower close by, will I need a Tri-Pak Resonator on each level?

Not necessarily. You can place your Tri-Pak Resonator on the floor/level of your home that you use the most, and also carry it from room to room if you wish. If you have a large house, you might consider purchasing multiple Tri-Pak Resonators or a Clear Field Plate (see below).

Do the Tri-Pak Resonators contain the Crystal Catalyst material?


If I want to point a Tri-Pak Resonator at a cell phone tower, but there is no window sill to place it on, will it work through a wall if I place it on a shelf, such as a bookcase against the wall, or shelf inside my closet or cupboard?

Yes. There are all kinds of creative ways you can think of to adequately place a Tri-Pak Resonator, even when there is no window or window sill present.

Please see our Products page to learn more about the Tri-Pak Resonators.

The Energy Harmonizer

Does the Energy Harmonizer contain the Crystal Catalyst material?

Yes, it is powered by a Turquoise Tab, similar to the Cellular Phone Tab, but larger, enhanced by sacred geometry and Feng Shui principles of design.

Do I need to use any of the other Crystal Catalyst® products if I use the Energy Harmonizer?

Although the Energy Harmonizer can neutralize the harmful nature of geopathic stress (ground radiation) in any room in which it is placed, as well as other energy lines such as the Curry and Hartmann lines that might be harmful, to be on the safe side, when using the Energy Harmonizer for protection from electromagnetic radiation, that other more specialized products found on this website are used. Our reasonably priced range of electromagnetic protection tabs, such as the 3-Hole and 12-Point Resonators, make this entirely affordable. If you have a strong source of electromagnetic radiation, either in the room, or close by, such as a smart meter or a wireless router which is close to a sleeping area, we recommend you also use a G-33 Resonator and a Star 3-Hole Resonator respectively for these obnoxious energy sources (see above).

Can the Energy Harmonizer be taken with me when I travel?

Yes. This is one of the best things about the Energy Harmonizer. It can be taken with you when you travel, and used in your hotel room, or in any other place you might be staying or working. Indeed, it can be carried from room to room in your own home, should you desire.

Please see our Products page to learn more about the Energy Harmonizer.

The Clear Field Plate

Does the Clear Field Plate contain the Crystal Catalyst material?

Yes. The Clear Field Plate combines the use of an Energy Harmonizer (sold separately), which contains the Crystal Catalyst material. This Energy Harmonizer is placed at the center of a specially energized/fired dish, surrounded by six hexagonal Feng Shui mirrors. The plate and the mirrors serve to amplify the effect of the Energy Harmonizer.

What is the difference between the Clear Field Plate and the Energy Harmonizer?

At 10″ across, the Clear Field Plate is considerably larger than the Energy Harmonizer, and therefore is capable of neutralizing the harmful nature of geopathic stress (ground radiation) from a whole building rather than just a room. Other than that, they both perform the same function.

Can the Clear Field Plate also clear electromagnetic radiation emanating from items such as my wi-fi router, smart meter, or outside power lines and cell phone towers, etc?

The Clear Field Plate works most effectively against geopathic stress, but it can also take care of electromagnetic radiation, whether it emanates from inside your home or come in from the outside. However, if you are using the Clear Field Plate by itself for the purpose of neutralizing the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiation in your home or office, we would also recommend other more specialized products found on this website are used in conjunction with the Plate. With our reasonably priced range of electromagnetic protection tabs, such as the 3-Hole and 12-Point Resonators, it is entirely affordable to do so.

Does the Clear field Plate send out an energy field?

Yes. Tests have shown the Clear Field Plate sends out a beneficial field which is in harmony with the natural resonance of the Earth, the average frequency of which is between 7.8 and 8.2 hertz (cycles per second). The Earth’s natural resonance or frequency is also known as the Schumann Resonance.

How far does the electromagnetic and geopathic radiation/energy clearing effect of the Clear Field Plate extend?

The Clear Field Plate’s energy clearing effect extends a minimum of approximately 90 – 100 ft. from where it is placed. This field has been described by Biomagnetic Research as “creeping like a fog,” permeating primarily the area in front of the plate like a wide-angled beam of light from a flashlight, and to a much lesser extent, behind it.

Is the Clear Field Plate portable, like the Energy Harmonizer?

No, not really. The Clear Field Plate is designed to be hung on a wall or placed on a stand. Instructions are included for its optimal placement. Due to its ability to clear a large area, it is not necessary to have to carry it from room to room. The Clear Field Plate is nearly 10 inches across and is a delicate item. It is, therefore, not really designed to be portable.

Please see our Products page to learn more about the Clear Field Plate.

The Crystal Catalyst® Pendants

Can the Crystal Catalyst Pendants be worn on any kind of chain or cord, and can they be worn with other jewelry?

The Crystal Catalyst Pendants can be placed on any kind of metal chain or cord, and although they look good by themselves, they can also be worn with other jewelry. If they are also worn for the purpose of electromagnetic protection, make sure they are worn over the thymus, between the heart and the throat.

Are the Crystal Catalyst Pendants based on the original pendant that Robert McKusick made for his wife, Charmion, to combat the flu virus?

Yes. Each pendant contains a carefully selected number of semi-precious gemstones, and a Personal Protective Bead, arranged very specifically, according to purpose.

Is it OK to wear a Crystal Catalyst Pendant in the shower or when swimming?

Yes. Water should not adversely affect the pendants. However, you will want to take into consideration, when wearing in water, what material the cord or chain is made of, and act accordingly.

Is it OK to wear a Crystal Catalyst Pendant when sleeping or playing sports?

We would recommend not wearing a pendant when sleeping, or if it is likely to get bashed about or pulled off, as with playing sports. When sleeping, we would recommend that, rather than wearing, you place your pendant under your pillow.

Is the Crystal Catalyst Pendant suitable for a man to wear?

Absolutely. If you do not wish it to show, just wear it around your neck and tuck it under your shirt, pin it inside a shirt or jacket, or hide one in a pouch around your neck. If you are not wearing a pendant for the purpose of electromagnetic protection, one can also be carried in a pocket or elsewhere, as long as it remains within your body’s energy field. If placed in a pocket, we recommend placing it in a pouch for protection, and so it doesn’t get lost.

Please see our Products page to learn more about the Crystal Catalyst Pendants.


What should I use for an e-reader or tablet, such as the Amazon Kindle, iPad or Nexus?

Electronic book readers enable the user to download and purchase books and magazines using a Wi-Fi connection, just like a laptop computer. Some electronic readers also enable the reader to do Internet surfing and download and watch movies. The ever-increasing market for tablet computers, that can also connect to the Internet via a Wi-Fi connection, and, as in the case for some iPad models, can also connect to the internet using a 3G or 4G cellular phone connection, means even more exposure to harmful microwave radiation. Your e-reader or tablet may also be acting just like a smartphone in regards to how it connects to the Internet. For smaller e-readers and tablets, such as the Kindle and other e-readers, the smaller Nexus tablets and iPad Mini, you can use either a Cellular Phone Tab or a Star 3-Hole Resonator. The Cellular Phone Tab, being smaller, would be more convenient for the 7″ readers and tablets, including the iPad Mini. You can place it centrally on the back of the tablet or e-reader, or onto its case if you have one – to get an idea of where to place a Cellular Phone Tab please click here to see photos of how the Star 3-Hole Resonator can be placed. The Star 3-Hole Resonator is more suitable, however, for those who have larger tablets and/or are more sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. Again, it should be placed centrally on the back as shown.

Please see our Products page to learn more about the Cellular Phone Tab and Star 3-Hole Resonator.

I hear that smart meters are being rolled out in the United States, Canada, and Europe and that they can pose a danger because they are continuously broadcasting electromagnetic frequencies. What are smart meters and how do I know if I have one?

Yes, smart meters are being rolled out in several areas in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Smart meters can take the place of your traditional electricity, gas, and/or water meter, the ones with the dial on them that show how much electricity, gas, and/or water you have used. You may, therefore, have up to three smart meters, the electricity and gas meters will be against your home, with the water meter close to the street. With a smart meter, instead of a meter reader coming round once a month to note down your usage, your power and/or water usage is broadcast, often several times a minute, by wireless transmissions to your utility company. This means your home is being exposed night and day to microwave radiation, and it’s not just your smart meter(s) you need to be worried about, it’s your neighbor’s smart meter(s) too.

You should have been told by your utility company if they were going to install a smart meter at your home, but if you are not sure go and take a look. If you have a traditional meter it will have a dial on it showing numbers slowly turning as you are using either electricity or gas. These meters are traditionally placed against an outside wall of your home. If you have one of these, a meter reader will come and read it once in a while and you have nothing to worry about. If you haven’t seen your meter reader for a while and your meter doesn’t have slowly turning numbers on it then you may have a smart meter. Ask your neighbors or call your utility company if you are not sure. As mentioned above, your water meter, if you have one, is generally situated away from your home close to the street, and depending on how far your street is from your home, may not present a problem.

If I have a smart meter what product do you recommend that can offer my family some protection?

We have three products that can offer help. Firstly, for your own smart meter, we would recommend a G-333 Resonator. For protection from your neighbor’s smart meter and your water meter (if you have one and it is within twenty feet of your home) we would recommend one or more Star Tri-Pak Resonators, or if you live in a larger home you might also consider a Clear Field Plate.

Further information about these products can be found here.

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I have been using many of the products for a few months already. During this time I have noticed a positive energy shift in our home – it feels calmer, more relaxed and somehow even ‘quieter’ if that makes sense. Wearing the pendant, I definitely notice being able to work on my computer or iPad longer without feeling symptoms – YAY!! Cherylin, Canada.
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