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After conducting an extensive search of EMF products and reading customer testimonials, I decided to do business with Andrew & Doe—which I later discovered, was THE BEST decision! Marie, NY, USA.

This page will help you in getting started with our electromagnetic radiation protection products and help to provide you and your family with protection against the numerous sources of harmful electromagnetic radiation in our world today.

The electromagnetic protection products we sell on this website are all hand made in the U.S.A. by a small, family owned and run business, who have been producing and marketing these products, mostly from referrals, for over thirty years.

A range of Electromagnetic Protection Products to fit your needs and your budget!

We understand people have different needs and budgets and are surrounded by various levels of potentially harmful energies, whether they are electromagnetic or geopathic in nature, or something else entirely, for which they may also have differing levels of sensitivities.

In the past, we have helped people who have had some particular, and occasionally, unusual and unique circumstances. Whether your situation is unusual or not, with our products you will be able to find a customized solution for your needs. We are always happy to provide you with free help and advice, either over the phone, by email, or, for a small fee, in person (if you happen to live locally to us). Our contact information can be found at the top of the right-hand side menu.

To help simplify matters we have also put together a Home Protection Kit – see below.

If you are also looking for emf shielding products and meters, and/or earthing products, which you can use to find some relief from the effects of emfs by grounding yourself to the earth from the comfort of your home or office, please click on the relevant links in the above menu.

Our products can be very complimentary with the emf shielding products linked to above by providing protection from the emfs that can still get through, as well as those where shielding is either not possible, practical or affordable.

If you wish to connect your Apple devices to the Internet by using a cable instead of Wi-Fi, and also reduce your Wi-Fi usage in your home dramatically, please click here.

Prioritize your needs…

How you decide on what product, or products, you buy will ultimately depend on your sensitivity, if you are sensitive at all that is, and/or your personal level of exposure to electromagnetic radiation and/or geopathic stress.

For most people, we recommend starting with a couple of very affordable products that will give you a good level of personal protection wherever you are…

A Personal Protective Bead ($15.00), for all-around general protection, and a Cellular Phone Tab (also $15.00), to help protect against the harmful nature of dangerous microwave radiation that is transmitted directly into your brain by your cellular device.

Electromagnetic Protection for you and your family…

To give you and your family protection from the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiation in your home we would suggest you start with a Regular Tri-Pak Resonator (for your household wiring, costing just $48.00), and two Regular 3-Hole Resonators (for your refrigerator and hot water tank, costing $15.00 each).

Your household electrical wiring and hot water tank, whether it be heated by a gas or electric water heater, are two of the most important places to begin your electromagnetic protection efforts.

Using Cellular Phone Tabs for cell phones, smartphones, and cordless phone handsets, along with Personal Protective Beads for added protection for yourself and your family members, as mentioned above, should also be strongly considered. If you have cordless phones in your home we would also suggest placing a Star 3-Hole Resonator on the base station. The Tri-Pak Resonator, when used as described above, will also help to mitigate some the harmful effects that come from electrical appliances and equipment that are plugged, via wall sockets, into your household wiring.

Do I need to protect myself from other sources of electromagnetic radiation and geopathic stress?

The products already mentioned above will give you and your family a good start towards protecting against the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiation that they and you will encounter on a daily basis. We would also strongly recommend that if you and they use computers, tablets, e-readers, and in-home Wi-Fi that you also look at our Star 3-Hole Resonator Tabs ($15.00 each).

We offer a good variety of other (generally) small devices for the many different situations, including those for geopathic stress (ground radiation) and protection from negativity, that may be encountered. For negativity, we would recommend the Personal Protective Pendant.

If you have one, or more than one, smart meter installed against an exterior wall of your home then we would absolutely recommend the G-333 Resonator or Star Tri-Pak Resonator. Click here to learn more about smart meters.

Please see our EMF Protection Guide to discover where you may need further protection…

Home Protection Kit

Home Protection Kit

Our Home Protection Kit

To get you started we have put together a Home Protection Kit consisting of a number of products mentioned above that are commonly purchased together. This kit will get you off to a good start in your electromagnetic protection efforts, and at the same time give you a saving of over 10% over buying the products individually.

See our EMF Protection Guide if you wish to learn more about each product. To return to this page click on the “Getting Started” link along the top menu:

Our Home Protection Kit contains the following products and comes with complete instructions, a 30-day, money-back guarantee and free after sales help if required:

Turquoise Personal Protective Bead x 1
For personal protection wherever you are.

Cellular Phone Tab x 1
For your cell phone, smartphone, 7″ tablet or e-reader.

Star 3-Hole Resonators x 4
For your Wi-Fi router, desktop computer (requires 2 resonators), laptop, full-size tablet or cordless phone base station.

Regular 3-Hole Resonators x 2
For your hot water tank and refrigerator.

Regular Tri-Pak Resonator x 1
For your household wiring.


($168.00 if purchased separately)

The following extra and additional beads, tabs and resonators, etc. can be also be purchased with the Home Protection Kit.

Further information, plus photos, of each of the products listed below, can be found on our EMF Protection Products page, where you can also place your order.

Extra Turquoise Personal Protective Beads for friends and family members.

$15.00 each

Additional Cobalt Personal Protective Beads for extra protection.

$15.00 each

Extra Cellular Phone Tabs for all your small devices.

$15.00 each

Extra Star 3-Hole Resonators if you have more than one laptop or full-size tablet. Also, for your microwave oven, or for any other electronic item that broadcasts microwave frequencies, such as a Roku streaming box, smart TV or gaming device.

$15.00 each

Extra Regular 3-Hole Resonators for fluorescent ceiling lights and dimmer switches.

$15.00 each

Extra Regular Tri-Pak Resonators for nearby power lines, electricity sub-stations and vehicle electronics behind the dash and engine compartment.

$48.00 each

Additional 12-Point Resonators for your TV, DVD, DVR, Cable or satellite boxes and audio equipment.

$15.00 each

Additional Pocket Resonator for those who find themselves in a high emf environment, such as airline pilots and cabin crew, etc.


Additional Star Tri-Pak Resonators for nearby cell phone towers, radio towers, radar and neighbor’s Wi-Fi and/or smart meters, and for protection from the electronics behind the dash and engine compartment of all-electric and hybrid vehicles.

$48.00 each

Additional G-333 Resonator for protection from the battery on all-electric and hybrid vehicles and for your own smart meter(s).


Additional Crystal Catalyst Pendants to positively affect your personal energy field, to address specific issues and concerns, and to help attract specific situations into a person’s life. All nine pendants can also help to give protection from the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiation, especially the Frequency Harmonizer Pendant.

$27.95 each

Additional Energy Harmonizers to help give protection from ground radiation, otherwise known as geopathic stress. Secondarily, the Energy Harmonizer can also help to neutralize the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiation from any room in which it is placed, although the use of other beads, tabs and resonators are strongly advised.

$48.00 each

Additional Clear Field Plate to neutralize the harmful nature of the energies in your entire home caused by geopathic stress (ground radiation) and other harmful natural energies that may be present, such as those from Hartmann lines, etc. Will also help neutralize the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiation coming into your home from outside man-made sources, such as from nearby cellphone towers, power lines, substations, radio towers and radar, that are within one to two miles, and from smart meters on surrounding properties. If used to clear a home of the harmful nature of internal sources of electromagnetic radiation, such as from computers, Wi-Fi, etc. the use of other beads, tabs and resonators are also strongly advised.


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I have been using many of the products for a few months already. During this time I have noticed a positive energy shift in our home – it feels calmer, more relaxed and somehow even ‘quieter’ if that makes sense. Wearing the pendant, I definitely notice being able to work on my computer or iPad longer without feeling symptoms – YAY!! Cherylin, Canada.
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