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After conducting an extensive search of EMF products and reading customer testimonials, I decided to do business with Andrew & Doe—which I later discovered, was THE BEST decision! Marie, NY, USA.

On-site electromagnetic radiation protection consultations for the Northern Colorado Front Range

If you live in the Longmont / Boulder area of Colorado, U.S.A., including the towns of Lyons, Berthoud, Hygiene, Niwot, Gunbarrel, Firestone, Dacono, Lafayette, and Louisville, we can offer local on-site electromagnetic radiation protection consultations and are happy to come to your home with our products to show you how they can help you mitigate the harmful effects of electromagnetic frequencies (emfs), Wi-Fi, cell phone, and cordless phone frequencies, etc.

What we will not do…(just to be clear!)

We will not go in and around your home with meters and dowsing rods and charge you a high price for doing so, and then show you expensive paints, fabrics and other shielding materials that do not always offer a practical solution; we already know, in general, the items inside and outside of your home, that are the main culprits for producing harmful electromagnetic radiation, and we can offer you affordable products that will mitigate their harmful effects.

Although we sell products to clear geopathic stress and other earth energies that may be causing you unease, we are not professional dowsers, and, therefore, cannot advise you definitively on this issue. We can, however, recommend products, as mentioned, to assist you in clearing these detrimental energies from your home, if you inform us of their presence.

Additionally, as mentioned elsewhere on this site, the products we offer come from the life’s work of two highly regarded professional career dowsers whose expertise was well grounded in this particular subject, that of mitigating harmful emf (and geopathic stress).

In this consultation, we will provide you with a list that includes primary and secondary emf “offenders” that are to be found in most dwellings, along with a solution for each from our product line. You will walk away knowing where in your environment you are vulnerable and specifically how to address each instance of emf exposure. You will learn which of our products offers optimal protection for each internal and external source of electromagnetic radiation, according to its primary or secondary importance.

The primary list will be what we consider to be essential, such as your Wi-Fi router, household wiring, cell and cordless phones, water heater, dimmer switches, refrigerator, and desktop, laptop and tablet computers, and any smart utility meters that may be either attached to, or are in close proximity to your dwelling. There may be other additional sources of harmful electromagnetic radiation, both inside and outside of your home, depending on your particular situation, such as nearby cell phone towers and/or power lines.

The secondary list will cover items that are not as critical or important as those listed in the first, such as your TV and DVD player, but which you may, optionally, desire to address after handling any of the “essentials.”

We will also advise you as to how you can use a common sense approach to mitigating your exposure to emfs, Wi-Fi and cell phones by switching certain items off when they are not in use, and relocating other items in your home to a safer distance, such as electronic items on your nightstand, for example.

In addition to the above suggestions, we will suggest you wear some personal protection, such as one or two Personal Protective Beads, or a Crystal Catalyst® Frequency Harmonizer (or other Crystal Catalyst®) Pendant, for added safety when around any source of electromagnetic radiation or Wi-Fi, etc. when at home, work, or when out and about.

The products are great. The energy is great now that I have these products everywhere. Awesome customer service too! Andrew Jacobs.

What do we charge for this service?

If you live within the City of Longmont we offer this service for a fee of $35 for up to an hour. If you live within 20 miles of Longmont, the charge is $45.

However, if you end up purchasing a minimal $149 worth of electromagnetic protection products (the cost of our Home Protection Kit – see below) from us (before tax) we will waive these fees. The consultation should last less than an hour, and there is no obligation to make a purchase.

As just mentioned, for the average home we have put together a Home Protection Kit consisting of a number of products that are commonly purchased together, and which we consider essential for covering the major emf, Wi-Fi, cell and/or cordless phone sources in your home, most of which are on our primary list (see above). The Home Protection Kit costs $149 and is offered at a discount on what the products in the kit would cost, if purchased separately. Extra products, at their regular price, can be added to the Home Protection Kit if required. Every home and situation is different, and you may not require all of the products included in the kit. On the other hand, if you have a number of cordless phones, computers, tablets, cell phones, a smart meter and close-by power lines, as well as other exterior sources of emfs, plus a number of family members requiring personal protection, you will require a few more emf protection products than those included in the Home Protection Kit. Also, if you are sensitive to emfs, cell phones and Wi-Fi you may require more powerful solutions, perhaps some shielding, if practical, and/or, some of the products we list on our secondary list (see above).

If I end up purchasing your emf protection products, what happens next? And what about installation?

When we come to your consultation, we will bring our products along with us, but as we are only a small business, we don’t always have our entire product line or a great number of individual items in stock. So if you decide to make a purchase, we more than likely will need to place an order with our manufacturer. Ordering from our source only takes two to three business days. We will, therefore, calculate the cost of any products you have decided to purchase, including tax, our consultation fee (if applicable), and our shipping charge (if applicable – see below) and ask you for payment at that time. We accept cash, personal checks, or debit/credit cards for payment.

We will install for you (see below) whatever products we may have on hand, and then notify you when the rest arrives (where applicable) and set up a time for you to come pick up your order along with complete instructions. Alternatively, and if you prefer, we will make a second appointment with you where we will personally deliver the rest of your order with instructions, for no extra charge, if you live within the City of Longmont. If you live within 20 miles of Longmont we will ship the rest of your order to you for a shipping charge of $7. We will ask for this charge (if applicable) when you pay for your order.

Do your products come with instructions?

We always provide our customers with complete instructions for all the products they purchase. We are also available by phone or email should you have questions and/or require further assistance.

Is it easy to install your products, myself?

Yes, there is nothing very difficult about the use of our products. Some can just be placed on top of an offending source of emf, such as a computer tower, Wi-Fi router, refrigerator, etc. some will have to be adhered with an adhesive pad (included), such as, onto the back of a computer monitor, cell phone, etc., and others can be placed (even adhered, if desired) on window sills or shelves facing any exterior sources you may have. The included instructions will give you an idea of optimal placement for each item, and some include diagrams. We also include photographs of our products in use, in various places on this website, including on our Product Instruction pages (see top menu). We always, personally, prefer to place a product rather than adhere it, where possible, although the adhesive pads on the back of our products can be removed from most surfaces without causing damage.

Please call or email us to make an appointment, and/or to ask any questions, alternatively, we also provide free email/phone consultations.

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I have been using many of the products for a few months already. During this time I have noticed a positive energy shift in our home – it feels calmer, more relaxed and somehow even ‘quieter’ if that makes sense. Wearing the pendant, I definitely notice being able to work on my computer or iPad longer without feeling symptoms – YAY!! Cherylin, Canada.
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