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After conducting an extensive search of EMF products and reading customer testimonials, I decided to do business with Andrew & Doe—which I later discovered, was THE BEST decision! Marie, NY, USA.

Quickly place your order for our electromagnetic radiation protection products…

If you wish to learn more about each product before you order please click on the “Products” link above, or if you are not sure what you need please see our EMF Protection Guide, also above.

Electronic Smog Buster Tab

Protection against the harmful nature of corded (landline) telephone radiation, and from most electrical devices. Also, can be used as an aid to sleeping and energy flow in the body…


Personal Protective Bead

Wear around the neck for additional, continuous protection from the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiation…

$15.00 each

Pocket Resonator

For personal protection when in a heavy emf environment, including those who drive or ride in electric or hybrid vehicles, including golf carts and wheel chairs. Also great for truck drivers, frequent flyers, airline pilots and office workers.


Cellular Phone Tab

For cell phone radiation, cordless phone radiation, 7″ tablets and e-readers, and Bluetooth headsets…


Regular 3-Hole Resonator

Electromagnetic protection from household appliances and office equipment that does not broadcast Wi-Fi or other wireless frequencies…


Star 3-Hole Resonator

Electromagnetic protection from electronics that broadcast Wi-Fi or other wireless frequencies, such as desktop and laptop computers, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Internet, full size tablets, cordless phone base stations, smart TVs and streaming devices, and from microwave ovens…

$15.00 each

12-Point Resonator

Electromagnetic protection from scanners, photocopiers, TV sets, cable and satellite boxes, DVDs, VCRs, audio equipment and speakers…


G-333 Resonator

For severe problem sources of electromagnetic radiation, hybrid and all-electric vehicle batteries , electric golf carts, wheelchairs, smart meters and computer servers, etc…


Regular Tri-Pak Resonator

The products are great. The energy is great now that I have these products everywhere. Awesome customer service too! Andrew Jacobs.

For household electrical wiring, vehicle electronics, as an alternative to the G-33 Resonator for hybrid and all-electric vehicle batteries, air travel, nearby power lines and substations…


Star Tri-Pak Resonator

For nearby cell phone towers, radio towers and smart meters, including your neighbor’s smart meter(s), radar, and hybrid and all-electric vehicle electronics…


Energy Harmonizer

For room protection from the harmful nature of geopathic stress…


Clear Field Plate

For home protection from geopathic stress (ground radiations), nearby cell phone towers, radio towers, radar, power lines and substations…


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All U.S. States and Territories – $7.00 shipping – includes insurance (total price $302.00)

Canada and the Caribbean – $25.00 shipping + $20.00 surcharge – includes insurance (total price $340.00)

Rest of the World – $34.00 shipping + $25 surcharge – includes insurance if available for your country (total price $354.00)

Crystal Catalyst Pendants

Nine different gemstone combinations, each addressing a specific issue and area of concern…

$27.95 each

Home Protection Kit

This kit will get you off to a good start in your electromagnetic protection efforts. Contains the following items:

Turquoise Personal Protective Bead x 1
For personal protection wherever you are.

Cellular Phone Tab x 1
For your cell phone, smart phone, 7″ tablet or e-reader.

Star 3-Hole Resonators x 4
For your Wi-Fi router, desktop computer (requires 2 resonators), laptop, full-size tablet or cordless phone base station.

Regular 3-Hole Resonators x 2
For your hot water tank and refrigerator.

Regular Tri-Pak Resonator x 1
For your household wiring.


($168.00 if purchased separately)

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I have been using many of the products for a few months already. During this time I have noticed a positive energy shift in our home – it feels calmer, more relaxed and somehow even ‘quieter’ if that makes sense. Wearing the pendant, I definitely notice being able to work on my computer or iPad longer without feeling symptoms – YAY!! Cherylin, Canada.
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