Smart Meter Radiation

Smart meters are the latest addition to the ever-increasing array of things that emit unnatural electromagnetic radiation. Smart meters are new electric, gas and water utility meters (you may have one, two, or all three) that do not require a meter reader to regularly come to your house in order to take a reading of your consumption of these utilities. Instead, a smart meter broadcasts your usage, on a secure, wireless network, direct to its respective utility company. A smart meter will broadcast this information up to several times a minute, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (according to a variety of sources, although the actual frequency of these broadcasts is a bone of contention between smart meter opponents and the industries pushing their use).

Smart meters also allow two-way communication between utility companies and your home, enabling, for example, your electricity company to control your consumption during a period of high demand.

Your smart meter, or meters, will be found where your existing analog meters were located , and, as mentioned, will be broadcasting information about your gas, electricity and/or water consumption, directly to their relevant companies. This means your smart meter, if you have one or more, will be probably be located along an outside wall of your home, close enough to be a hazard in regards to emitting a pulse of microwave radiation up to several times a minute into your home. Water meters, however, if you have one, may be located further away from your home, but still, depending on how far away they are, could pose an electromagnetic radiation problem.

Also, if you have a smart meter, then your neighbor will have one too, and this also presents a problem for you. All living things in a near perimeter, and especially humans, are subject to this smart meter radiation, placing them in peril. Smart meters emit a microwave radiation, the same as cell phones, and although your smart meter will not be next to your ear, as with a cell phone, tests have shown that the signal sent from a smart meter is considerably more powerful than that emitted from a cell phone.

For the moment, smart meters are not yet widely in place in the U.S., but at least three states that we know of, California, Arizona and Texas, and also some states on the eastern side of the U.S., have been implementing them, with, no doubt, many more to follow. Ontario and BC, Canada have also actively been rolling out smart meters. European countries are also planning, as well as implementing, the rolling out of even more smart meters, with Italy having the dubious distinction of having the world’s largest smart meter deployment. Britain, for example, plans to have a smart meter outside of every home by 2014.

Your Smart Meter

The G-33 Resonator

The G-33 Resonator is ideal for severe problem sources of electromagnetic radiation.

The G-33 Resonator is one of the most powerful electromagnetic radiation protective devices on the market and is ideal for neutralizing the harmful aspects from most heavy duty sources of electromagnetic radiation, such as that which is emitted by a smart meter.

Generally, your smart meter will be located outside, adjacent or even on an exterior wall. If you have a smart meter that is located away from your home, then please refer to the Star Tri-Pak Resonator mentioned below. If you have one against an outside wall, or even two or more placed within a few feet of each other, adhere one G-33 Resonator (adhesive pad included) to an inside wall directly opposite to where the smart meter, or meters, are located outside, with the lightning bolt graphic on the G-33 pointing upwards (with the wording on the G-33 upside down). If you have more than one, as described above, then try to position the G-33 on your inside wall so that it is between them. Make sure the adhesive side of the G-33 Resonator faces the smart meter through the wall and the side with the lightning bolt and wording faces the area you wish to clear, which presumably would be the interior of your home.

If your smart meter is positioned differently than that described above please contact us and we will advise where you should place the G-33 Resonator, or whether a Star Tri-Pak Resonator is better suited.

Full instructions will be sent with your G-33 Resonator and we are here to help if you need it.

Hand-crafted in the U.S.A by a small, family owned and operated business.

Measures just 1 and 1/2 inches across.

Never requires replacement.

Does not require batteries or mains power.

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(must be returned, with packaging, in original/new condition)

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Your Neighbor’s Smart Meter

The Star Tri-Pak Resonator

The Star Tri-Pak is a strong, directional resonator, effective in neutralizing annoying aspects of (wireless) electromagnetic emanations associated with radio waves generated by nearby smart meters, cell phone towers, radio stations, radio towers and airport and weather forecasting Doppler radar.

The Star Tri-Pak Resonator is neither magnetic nor electrical. It does not remove magnetic or electrical fields, but like the G-33 Resonator mentioned above, alters their harmful nature to a beneficial form. The Star Tri-Pak contains a unique Crystal Catalyst® dielectric ceramic material that can alter the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiation from the above sources.

The Star Tri-Pak Resonator is triangular in shape. When positioned on a windowsill, table, in a dresser drawer or on a shelf (it will work even through a wall) with the longest side aimed toward your neighbor’s smart meter, or meters, or your own smart meter, if it located away from your home somewhere in your yard, or towards a nearby cell phone tower or radar installation, a Star Tri-Pak Resonator will provide adequate protection for one level of an average sized home or office. For larger areas, or multiple levels, or where the proximity of a cell tower or radar installation is very close by, more than one Tri-Pak may be needed, or a Clear Field Plate (see below) may be required.

The Star Tri-Pak Resonator broadcasts a protective field in much the same way as a flashlight projects light from the lens and will offer protection from electromagnetic radiation within a space behind it.

One Star Tri-Pak Resonator will offer protection from more than one of the above sources of electromagnetic radiation if they are all in the same general direction.

Full instructions, including diagrams, will be included with the Tri-Pak Resonator, and we are here to offer help if required.

Hand-crafted in the U.S.A by a small, family owned and operated business.

Measures four and one-half inches on the longest side.

Never requires replacement.

Does not require batteries or mains power.

Comes with complete instructions.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!!
(must be returned, with packaging, in original/new condition)

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The Clear Field Plate

The Clear Field Plate is the most effective tool that its manufacturers, Biomagnetic Research, have tested in over 35 years, for clearing the harmful electromagnetic effects of ground radiation (geopathic stress), nearby smart meters, nearby power lines, substations, radar, and cell phone towers. We would also recommend a G-33 Resonator for your own smart meter (see above), even if you are using the Clear Field Plate.

These sources of radiation have been shown in numerous studies, mostly in Europe, to increase incidents of cancer and ill health among nearby residents.

The Clear Field Plate combines the use of an advanced ceramic catalyst, an energized silicon dish, sacred geometry, and the principles of feng shui.

For external electromagnetic radiation, such as from a neighbor’s smart meter, cell phone tower, power lines or nearby radar, etc. the Clear Field Plate needs to be placed on an interior wall that is opposite to, and facing towards, the source of unwanted external radiation. It may also be placed on a stand.

The Clear Field Plate will also clear most internal sources of electromagnetic radiation, but spot clearing of computers and routers is still strongly advised for added safety, especially if they are situated on other levels of your home. If you are using the Clear Field Plate for just this purpose (clearing the internal emf in your dwelling), place it on or near to an outer wall on a centrally located floor (presumably, one that has many or most of your electronics on it), so that an imaginary energy field projected from the Plate covers most of your home.

If used to clear geopathic radiation, caused by noxious underground flowing water, the plate can be placed on a stand or hung on a wall, anywhere, on the lowest floor / basement of a building that is to be cleared. By taking care of the geopathic stress on the lowest level of the building, the rest of the dwelling is also cleared of it.

If used in a bedroom, the Clear Field Plate should be aimed away from the bed, as it may over-energize some people.

Hand-crafted in the U.S.A by a small, family owned and operated business.

Measures nearly 10 inches across.

Never requires replacement.

Does not require batteries or mains power.

Comes with complete instructions.

Not intended for external use.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!!
(must be returned, with packaging, in original/new condition)

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For Added Personal Protection

We always suggest wearing a Personal Protective Bead or a Crystal Catalyst® Frequency Harmonizer (or other Crystal Catalyst®) Pendant for added safety when near to power lines, and at all other times.

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Further Information

Learn more about smart meters and the dangers of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) by watching this video by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt -Smart Meters and EMR – The Health Crisis Of Our time“.

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